The "King" Gives A Proper Tour of The Castle. Our Card Shop Tour

Hey Kollector Army!

I hope you all are well, and enjoying the hobby that we all love no matter what you collect. I figured I would blow the dust off the Blog, and give you a proper tour of the "Castle", our card shop. 

It's been almost 6 months since we opened our new location. Since then a lot of amazing things have happened not just for myself and my boys, but the shop has really taken off exponentiality more than what I expected. All this would not be possible without all of the support online or locally, so I want to thank you all for that. From the remodeling phase, staffing, training, marketing, and constantly updating our displays/retail fixtures, I feel we finally are at a point where we can focus on growing the Kollector Army, and creating the most optimal experience we can for everyone regardless if you shop online or in the shop. 

I've always said this is not a bottom line, dollars & cents transactional business for me. I want Kollectible Kings to be a destination for Kollectors to want to come visit regardless of what you collect. If you collect Sports Cards, Pokémon, FAB, Funko, or MTG, this is your place to make your own experience. I also want to bring this experience as much as possible to our online folks. Most of this is through Social, sometimes extra items in your shipments, and moving forward with a Podcast, and YouTube videos. 

This is how the "King" measures success. If we treat you right and not try to price gouge you with a single transaction, I believe you will continue to come back regardless of the ups/downs of the card collecting market. To me that is a true relationship, and why I refer to all our loyal customers as part of the "Kollector Army".

Moving forward I will be more engaging by sharing our shop experiences, collecting advice, and just general thoughts about loving the hobby. So to kick things off here is a video of a tour of our shop that I hope you will enjoy. 


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